Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've been playing with various GUIs off and on over the last couple of months. I find that I drop to mysql.exe quite often no matter which tool I use. My favorites until recently have been the MySQL GUI Tools and NaviCat.

I was using the Lite edition of Navicat. I actually started using navicat with postgres a few years ago. I like it but the lite version is limited in some annoying ways. It's nice in that it runs (at least the mysql version) in Linux and windows. I don't use a mac so that doesn't really do anything for me.

Of course the MySQL gui tools run just about anywhere.

I just remembered that Quest Software has a mysql tool called TOAD for MySQL. I have been a user of TOAD for Oracle for well over a decade. I started using it before Quest owned it.

TOAD started at the Tool for Oracle Application Developers. So calling it Tool for Oracle Application Developers for MySQL sounds kind of stupid. ;-)

TOAD is still the most advanced gui tool for Oracle. I have started using Oracle's SQL Developer and it's a nice tool but TOAD still has it beat on a feature and performance basis right now.

Anyway, my point with all of this is that TOAD for MySQL is now my preferred tool. It is completely free although it runs only on windows. It has the most advanced feature set of any of the database tools I've been using recently.

In addition to MySQL and Oracle, it also supports MS SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase. If they came out with a Postgres version it would be a complete set.

The query builder and erd tool are highly functional. When I am new to an application, the first thing I look for is an ERD. Most MySQL applications do not have one available (at least in my experience). So, I start off by building one.

The schema browser also blows away the competition. Grid view and edit with out the pain of separate pop up windows. very nice. You can also see all of the databse objects.

My suggestion, when you install, choose the TOAD for Oracle view. If you prefer an explorer view, choose the SQL Navigator view.

Give it a try. You can read my initial review (kind of old now though).


Monday, February 4, 2008

MySQL vs Postgres Wiki

There is a new wiki comparing MySQL to PostgreSQL. Because it's a wiki, hopefully it can be kept updated so that it's current AND accurate. The wiki is MySQL vs PostgreSQL. Personally, I'd like to see this grow into a universal comparison site that the community could keep updated. LewisC